Bonito Research’s market research analysis is conducted based on data that is collated through several sources such as interviews, surveys, interaction with or informationshared by third party vendors or suppliers, etc.,. As a key researching owner of the reports that we prepare, we truly understand the importance of accuracy in the reports that is prepared by us. Bonito Research ensures the reliability and correctness of these reports. However, we will not be able to take responsibility for any incorrectness of information that is supplied to us. This is the prime reason as to why Bonito Research’s team is not able to guarantee to the content being 100% correct.

Customers to understand and appreciate that

  • All reports shared by Bonito Research, subsequent to an order with us, are intended for internal use within the customer’s business and not meant to be disclosed with other third parties or to the general public
  • Market research reports done by Bonito Research shall not be sold, or disclosed without explicit permission obtained from the research team
  • Reports shall not be photocopied, circulated electronically or physically without the consent of Bonito Research
  • Reports, either in parts or as a whole, be reproduced/ recreated. No recordings associated with the research be transmitted or used without the consent of us.
  • Reports express the opinion / analysis performed by market research analysts. They do not reflect the stand or views of Bonito Research as an organization
  • Statements consolidated in the research reports do not stand as guarantees or warranties to the information correctness
  • Bonito Research doesn’t assume any liabilities to business decisions (either short term or long term) done by the customer based on the analysis presented in the reports
  • The use of Bonito Research’s site and the information presented on the website is done at the sole risk of the customer Quick Query

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