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The Chemical and Materials industry is the base for many other industries in the market such as oil & gas, construction, etc. With every driver that affects the growth of a specific industry in the inherited list, the Chemical and Materials sector is also impacted. The current trend in this sector is largely showing a decline by the drop in oil prices across the world. The chemical and materials oriented companies are expected to take strategic decisions to manage this fall of oil prices and address the uncertainty.

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Oil prices are a major restraint to the Chemical and Materials sector as discussed. Adding to this are the law enforcements based on byproducts and wastes that this sector of companies produces. The key chemical companies across the globe are working towards focusing on the value of their products. This is contrary to the days when the volume was the driving factor of these industries for revenue generation.

Producing new materials like biopolymers are considered a good move and are seen as an opportunity to leverage renewable sources produced by bio organisms. Digitization techniques, revisiting of pricing models are seen as opportunities for reduction to operating costs and thereby increase profitability in the Chemical and Materials sector which is experiencing a downward trend in revenues.

Though the pioneers were always North America and Europe, the emerging countries are now from the Middle East and Latin America.

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