The world today witnesses, packaging to play a key role in many of its industries like pharmaceuticals, all types of consumer goods, food and ICT. The high demand to deliver any goods in a well assembled, securely packed forms have led to a rise in the demands within the packaging sector. But developed nations of the world are looking towards eliminating packaging because of the facts that they lead to the accumulation of a lot of wastes. Raw materials demand also control how effective the growth can be in this sector – a typical example is a need for aluminum to cater to food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging demands.

The trend seen in developing nations is a positive one with a steady rise and growth of the packaging sector. Consumer goods packaging and secure supply in the Asian markets are witnessing a rise. However restraints are raw material prices, environmental/ polluting issues impose a hindrance to the packaging industry. Certain Governments bring about laws to have control measures in the packaging sector.

Despite any hindrance that the industry encounters, the need to have articles, goods safely transported from one place to another, without damage, safely secured for better longevity are major drivers that contribute to the market’s enhancement.

Key players in the packaging sector were earlier seen in the North American countries and in Europe. But Asia is emerging to be the space of larger growth off late!

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